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Tori Diny

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One of my youngest memories is sitting on the couch eating rice cakes and watching This Old House with my mom. I love(d) how Tom Silva and the crew talked with the owners about their family and house, while uncovering how the house was built, maybe something unique, or something that needed improvement so it would better serve the family for years and years. I also remember my parents building their house starting with the main level then finishing additional bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. as our family grew. I watched and helped them where I could over the years.

With the purchase of our own house—a bit of a fixer-upper—my husband and I are delving into home renovations including painting throughout and refinishing the damaged hardwood floors so their natural beauty shines through again—took some tips from TOH. We learned some new techniques, had some ‘hangry’ moments, but mostly we had so much fun working together. We look forward to the next project.

Finally deciding to become a Realtor has been so great, because I get to see all kinds of houses and get to know new people and families. Wherever life takes us, we tell stories and make memories; I think houses are similar. They have a legacy of keeping its residents warm and safe, and providing space for those stories and memories.

Other interests of mine are cooking, baking, sewing, and dancing. I dance in my kitchen while cooking; I also teach dance, primarily ballet, in Wausau. I have a BFA from the UW-Milwaukee.

No matter what you are looking for, I am so happy to help you make new memories here or take them with you wherever you go. 715-803-3893 and, anytime!

AMAXIMMO First Class in Real Estate

Amaximmo, LLC was locally founded in 2018 to provide progressive, boutique real estate services that you’d only find in larger cities to our clients in the Wausau Metro Area.

The agents who make up Amaximmo have been selected from among the most talented and respected in the industry. All of them bring in a wealth of talent and experience to benefit our customers and clients. In many cases they also have backgrounds in areas that complement their real estate expertise such as Interior Design & Architecture, Accounting, Advertising or Bi-Lingual abilities to name just a few.

But, the one thing they all specialize in is YOU, the client. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about real estate agents and companies. At Amaximmo, we shattered the mold. Because we believe moving is far more than just a new address, we take this life transition very seriously whether it is your first home or your tenth. And, price doesn’t matter either…you matter! At Amaximmo we provide you with the same first class, personalized service we’d want for ourselves when buying or selling a home. As the real estate industry shifts towards mobile and online marketing, we strongly believe nothing can replace a personal touch, an expert who cares. Our agents know our neighborhoods better than any online search engine. We live here. We raised or are raising our kids here. This is our home. We know it inside and out.

But, that’s not to say we’re behind the times. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While providing individualized, personal service, Amaximmo agents stay current in all areas of real estate. They are the first to embrace the latest technology and innovation and look to the future to add even more tools to their real estate tool belt. Personal, first class service. Talent and expertise. Technology and innovation. When it all works together it is a thing of beauty… it is Amaximmo!

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